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Irregularity Reporting Form

The irregularity reporting form, also known as the whistleblower form, is a tool created to enable individuals associated with an organization to report irregularities, abuses, or other issues that violate ethical principles, laws, or company policies. The idea of a whistleblower stems from the need to ensure transparency, accountability, and protection for individuals who wish to report irregularities, while allowing the organization to identify and address internal problems.
Creating a whistleblower form aims to establish a safe and confidential communication channel that allows employees, customers, business partners, and other stakeholders to report irregularities without fear of reprisals or improper treatment. The whistleblower department and other relevant authorities within the organization are responsible for receiving, investigating, and taking appropriate actions in response to reports.

The whistleblower form is a crucial element in building a culture of compliance and integrating ethical principles within the organization. It enables early detection of problems, elimination of irregularities, and prevention of further violations. Introducing such a form demonstrates the organization’s commitment to honest and responsible management, contributing to the creation of a work environment based on integrity, ethics, and sustainable development.
  • Contact Information: Please provide your name, surname, email address, and phone number. These details allow us to contact you for additional information or clarification regarding the report. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you may leave these fields blank.

  • Description of Irregularity: Proceed to describe the irregularity you have encountered. Please provide a detailed description of the incident or situation, indicating how it violates our ESG principles. The more detailed description you provide, the better we will understand the report and take appropriate actions.

  • Evidence and Information: If you have any evidence, documents, or other information that can confirm the irregularities, we encourage you to attach them. This may include photos, documents, emails, or other materials that will help us better understand the situation and take appropriate remedial measures.

  • Confidentiality of Information: We ensure that reports are treated as confidential. If you provide your contact information, we will only use it for purposes related to reviewing the report. If you prefer anonymity, we will take appropriate measures to protect your identity.

  • Protection against Reprisals: guarantee that no individual reporting irregularities will be subject to reprisals, harmful consequences, or adverse treatment. We will take all necessary measures to protect whistleblowers and ensure that their identity is not disclosed without their consent.