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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

We are strongly committed to the community from which we grow, recognising that it is a key factor for sustainable business success. In the heart of its mission the company places building strong and healthy social relationships, both inside and outside the company.
Inside the organisation, Clovin S.A. strives to create a healthy, safe and supportive work environment. It respects employee rights, ensures fair wages, promotes diversity and equality and actively counteracts all forms of discrimination.

We focus on the development and training of our employees

We invest in our people

The company focuses on the development and training of its employees, investing in their skills and competences so that they can grow with the company. All this is achieved through continuous dialogue with employees and their representatives, enabling them to influence decisions about their work and the working environment.
Outside the company, Clovin S.A. is an active participant in the local community. The company regularly supports local social, educational and cultural initiatives, striving to create a positive impact in the communities in which it operates. As part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Clovin S.A. cooperates with suppliers who adhere to the same social and ethical standards. The company pursues a responsible purchasing policy, striving to minimise the negative impact of its supply chain on the communities and the environment.

Building lasting value for the world

At the same time, Clovin S.A. is aware of the global impact of its activities. The company actively works to improve living conditions in communities around the world through various programmes and partnerships. We invest in youth sports by supporting local sports teams. We invest in ecological education of children and youth by organising competitions and responding to all needs to support these activities.

Social responsibility is more than just a key element of business strategy. In our opinion, it is the key to success and sharing our common achievements. Our goal is not only to achieve financial success, but also to create lasting value for all of our stakeholders – employees, clients, suppliers, investors and the communities we serve.
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