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Professional products

Being a part of Clovin S.A., Clovin Professional is the leading supplier of comprehensive solutions for professional laundries.
We are a successful supplier of high-quality cleaning products for the laundry industry. While producing and designing innovative solutions, we fully care about the surrounding nature and endorse the policy of sustainable development. Thanks to our long-term experience and innovative approach to production, we are a preferred partner in this field.

Why choose us

Our success is also based on experienced staff of experts that ensure high quality of products and professional counselling for our clients. We are ready to meet their requirements and provide comprehensive solutions with top quality and technical support.

We are a comprehensive supplier for the laundry industry, offering high-quality professional products and integral dosing systems.

Our offer includes a wide range of products and technological solutions that are perfectly compatible and ensure full uniformity and optimum effectiveness of the washing processes. We create comprehensive solutions that meet diverse needs of our clients from the laundry industry. We offer a wide selection of professional cleaning products that are perfectly suited to the diverse needs of the laundry industry.

Latest technologies

Our products are designed with the use of the latest technologies and advanced formulas to ensure excellent cleaning and care results. The ingredients and concentration of our products are carefully balanced, which corresponds to their maximum effectiveness with minimum consumption. Thanks to our professional cleaning products, the laundries may achieve high quality and satisfaction of their clients. We do not limit ourselves only to the supply of professional chemical products.

Comprehensive supplier

We are a comprehensive supplier for professional laundries and we also offer innovative dosing systems. Our advanced solutions enable precise and effective dosing of cleaning products to minimise waste and ensure optimum use. Thanks to our dosing systems, our clients may achieve excellent results, and increase the effectiveness and control over the washing and cleaning process.

Minimum impact on the environment

By cooperating with Clovin Professional professional laundries gain access to a comprehensive range of products that meet top standards in terms of quality and sustainable development.
Our cleaning products are designed so as to offer minimum impact on the environment, use environmentally-friendly raw materials and ensure closed packaging circuit. Our solutions are optimised for low-temperature washing, which leads to energy savings and sustainable use of resources.

Professional products

Professional counselling

We are not only a supplier of chemical products, but also a partner that offers comprehensive technical support, counselling and training.
Our experienced experts are ready to share their knowledge and experience so as to help our clients to achieve excellent cleaning results, optimise their processes and increase their effectiveness.

Care for environmental issues

Thanks to our commitment to sustainable development, we care not only for the efficiency of professional laundries but also for the natural environment.
Our products are designed in accordance with the principles of environmental protection, use environmentally-friendly raw materials and minimise their negative impact on the ecosystem. We believe that responsible actions towards the environment are an integral part of our success.

Product innovations

As Clovin Professional, we aim for constant improvement and innovations in order to meet the changing needs of our clients.
We cooperate with professional laundries from various industries, such as hotel and catering industries, healthcare and food processing. Our solutions are flexible and adapted to individual requirements of every client, which ensures optimum results and satisfaction with our products and services.

Clovin Professional is not only a supplier of professional chemical products but also a business partner for a long-term cooperation.

Our commitment to high quality, innovativeness, sustainable development and technical supports makes us a credible partner in the laundry industry. Thanks to our solutions, professional laundries may effectively and efficiently meet the growing demands of the market and expectations of the clients.
Your trusted source of professional cleaning products, dosing systems and technical support for professional laundries.