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Corporate governance

Corporate governance

We clearly and strongly emphasise the importance of solid and transparent management, recognising it as the key to building trust on the part of all stakeholders: employees, clients, investors, suppliers and local community. The company focuses on conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical and corporate standards.

Solid and transparent management: the key to trust and success

At the management level, Clovin S.A. maintains structures and procedures that ensure accountability, legal compliance and sound decision-making. The company’s management operates in a responsible manner, following the principles of good corporate governance, such as transparency, responsibility and honesty. All of this is accomplished by maintaining clear lines of accountability and communication between the management and all stakeholders.

Clovin S.A. is committed to constant communication with shareholders, clients, employees and other stakeholders, providing them with regular, transparent and complete information about its operations, financial results and strategies. The company tries to maintain a dialogue with stakeholders, listen to their concerns and suggestions, and then introduce appropriate changes in its operations.

At the operational level, Clovin S.A. conducts regular audits and reviews of its management practices in order to ensure they are in line with the latest standards and best practices. The company has clearly defined risk management, internal control and compliance procedures that help to ensure that all aspects of business operations are managed properly.

In our opinion, the definition of good management is based on the principles of good corporate governance which enable the company to conduct its business in a responsible and compliant manner. Thanks to this, the company builds trust and loyalty of its stakeholders, which, in the long term, contributes to its stability and success on the market.
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