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We consider it highly important to protect the natural environment, which is clearly visible in our activities and strategies. We have always focused on operating so as to have zero impact on the environment, and we act in a conscious and responsible manner.
The company’s multi-faceted approach includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and we currently do not use fossil fuels. In our production plants we use renewable energy. The products we create are made under strict conditions and with attention to all ecological aspects, from product construction through raw materials to distribution.

We promote environmental protection and sustainable development.

First, renewable energy

The company’s approach to environmental management is based on several key principles. First, Clovin S.A. strives to use resources efficiently, which includes both raw materials used in production processes and the energy needed to run the company’s operations.
Nearly half of our plants’ electricity demand is covered by our own photovoltaic power plant. The company is constantly looking for ways to improve energy efficiency by basing the cooling and heating of the plant on heat pump installations. It also does not use fossil fuels in the production process.

Second, wastewater treatment

We focus on minimising emissions and waste. We have closed the production cycle through sewage treatment plants with a closed circuit so that we would not emit post-production sewage outside. The company has implemented rigorous emission monitoring and control procedures, as well as a waste management system that promotes recycling and reducing waste generation. Clovin S.A. also works with suppliers and partners to promote sustainable practices throughout its supply chain.

Third, the ecosystem

The company is committed to protecting biodiversity and preserving natural ecosystems. It operates in a responsible manner, caring for the natural environment. This assumption is a basic pillar that was inscribed in our DNA at the time of the establishment of our company.

Environmental corporate responsibility is not only an obligation for the company,
but also the key to long-term success and sustainability.

Clovin S.A. not only complies with all applicable environmental regulations and standards, but also strives to exceed these standards and set an example for others. The company regularly evaluates its operations and environmental impact, looking for continuous opportunities for improvement.
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