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Get to know our company

For 28 years, we have been fulfilling the needs of our customers. Every voice and every need matters to us – whether it’s a professional laundry or an individual customer.
We simply listen, and that’s how we build our products to meet all requirements and expectations. We seek unconventional solutions, look to the future, plan, and implement not only innovative, effective, and safe formulas, but also shape the entire production process with respect for the surrounding nature. Effectiveness, cleanliness, and health are promises made to our customers.


Acquired knowledge is our experience, enabling us to realize the boldest ideas. Our Team is an efficient and cohesive unit, starting from laboratories through all quality processes, production, logistics, and sales, offering a necessary, safe, and above all effective product.
Research and Development Center, automated plant, Modern logistics center – all necessary elements that complete the product creation process, which we offer domestically and beyond its borders. Passion for finding solutions through our experience is not difficult because the developed processes allow us to reach further in our pursuit.


As one of the few, we offer a full spectrum of technological capabilities to produce cleaning agents and cosmetics. Once we said, “we know everything about laundry,” today we say much more because we can create anything and not only in the laundry category.
From laundry powders through liquid detergents, rinse aids, capsules, cleaning products, cosmetics, dishwasher products, medical products, and disinfectants. We do not limit our aspirations; we seek and always find solutions to needs. We think about the future, to clean and not to dirty at the same time. Whether it concerns an individual consumer, professional laundries, large retail chains, or your local store.


Aware of the inseparable bond with the place where we have been for over a quarter of a century, convinced of the role we play in our community, we care for and nurture relationships so that our development is felt among us all. Regardless of gender, age, or origin.
The values that are the foundation of our organization, we translate into the implementation of programs based on supporting sports, social, and ecological movements. We are sensitive to harm, and we have repeatedly proven that help and care are among the most important elements supporting our community. By implementing all programs, we signal our responsibility and commitment.

Environmental Awareness

As a chemical factory, we have taken care to minimize our impact on the environment. We aim for full passivity in all areas. We do not declare, but we act, and that is why we can proudly say that we have implemented most of the elements that make up the idea of sustainable development.
We do not emit production wastewater; we operate in a closed-loop purification system. For almost 10 years, we have been producing solar energy, which despite the increase in our capacities, constitutes 65% of the energy used in the production process. When designing each product, we have always cared about its carbon footprint. Starting from raw materials, through packaging, ending with production and distribution technology, so that this process has a passive impact on the environment. We do not stop, only realizing what is needed here and now; we always think about tomorrow.


We know what tomorrow will bring, and we are ready for it. There is no here and now because here and now was yesterday. We do not stop in our pursuit. Continuous development and building products based on our values, experience, and aspirations do not allow us to stand still. That is why we invest in the future. The future of us as employees and us as consumers.