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CERTIFICATES Quality certificates.

Obtaining proper product quality certificates is crucial for Clovin S.A. to ensure the highest quality and reliability of our products for our clients.
Product quality certificates give our clients certainty that our products are carefully manufactured and meet high quality standards. This not only builds up the client’s trust, but also enables us to compete on the market and win new clients. We are proud of our track record of product quality and we strive to continuously improve our manufacturing processes to maintain our reputation as a reliable, high-quality supplier.

As a result, obtaining product quality certification is the basis of our quality strategy and is one of the pillars of our success. We are committed to deliver products that meet the highest quality standards, because we believe that quality is a key element of client satisfaction and long-term business relationships.

At Clovin S.A., we impose high requirements concerning the quality of our products because we know that client satisfaction is crucial to our success. Therefore, we subject our production processes to strict controls to ensure compliance with quality requirements. Thanks to such consistent pursuit of excellence, we are able to deliver top quality products that meet our clients’ expectations.

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The Ecolabel is an initiative of the European Union and aims to promote products with a low environmental impact, both during their production and use. The certificate is awarded in various product categories, such as cleaning products, cosmetics, office supplies, textiles, furniture and many others.
Products seeking Ecolabel certification must meet certain criteria including composition, energy consumption, water consumption, emissions of harmful substances, recyclability and other aspects of sustainability. Organisations and companies wishing to obtain Ecolabel certification must carry out independent audits and meet certain requirements.

The Ecolabel certification is a recognisable mark for clients who are looking for greener and more sustainable purchasing options. The Ecolabel on a product indicates that the product meets the requirements related to environmental protection, minimisation of impact on the climate change and sustainable use of natural resources.

It is worth noting that the Ecolabel is awarded under the European Union programme and has its own specific criteria for different product categories. This is one way of promoting sustainability and green options for the clients.

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The certificate is awarded to cosmetic, pharmaceutical or medical products after the completion of proper testing and evaluation. is an independent laboratory based in Germany that specialises in evaluating the efficacy, tolerability and quality of skin products. is a valuable certificate which confirms that the product has undergone rigorous dermatological testing. The tests are conducted by independent dermatologists on volunteers to assess the efficacy and tolerability of the product, as well as its effect on the skin.

Products that obtain the certification may use this mark on their packaging or in their documentation. This confirms the high quality, efficacy and safety of the product for the users.

It is worth noting, however, that the certificate refers to specific products that have undergone testing and evaluation in the laboratory. In other words, it is not a general certificate for a brand or company, but it refers to a specific product that has undergone testing in this laboratory.

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The certificate refers to a sustainable development initiative in the cleaning and household chemicals sector. is a European information platform that promotes safe and responsible use of cleaning products, such as cleaners, detergents, washing products and many others.
The certificate informs the consumers that a product meets certain standards regarding safety, environmental protection and sustainable development. Products that receive this certificate are assessed to ensure that they meet the requirements of European chemical regulations, as well as compliance with the guidelines.

The certification mark proves the manufacturer’s commitment to creating products that minimise negative environmental impact, ensure safe use and are socially responsible.

It is worth noting that the certification is a voluntary mark that the manufacturers can obtain after meeting certain criteria. It is one of the ways in which the cleaning and household chemicals industry seeks to promote sustainability and provide safe consumer products.

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The TUV NORD Tested Product certificate is a mark that is awarded to products after independent testing and evaluation by TUV NORD, one of the world’s leading certification companies. TUV NORD is a sustainability and safety organisation that certifies and evaluates various products, services and management systems.
The TUV NORD Tested Product certificate proves that the product has been tested and meets certain quality, safety and performance criteria. The certification process may include laboratory tests, evaluation of compliance with technical standards, production audits and other measures to confirm the high quality and safety of the product.

The TUV NORD Tested Product certificate proves that the product has undergone independent and reliable tests that confirm its properties and compliance with certain standards. This is important for consumers because they can be certain that the product with such certification is safe, reliable and complies with the specified requirements.

It is worth noting, however, that the TUV NORD Tested Product certification is product-specific and does not apply to an entire brand or company. Each product has to go through an individual assessment process and meet relevant criteria in order to obtain this certificate.

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Circular Economy Sea Salt Inside

Guarantee of use of recovered sea salt

We are pleased to present our internal certification mark which guarantees the use of recovered sea salt in our products. We present the Circular Economy Sea Salt Inside (CESSI) Certificate: our seal of quality confirming that Clovin S.A. products are made from sea salt recovered from circular economy processes.
The CESSI certificate is a symbol of our commitment to circular economy and care for the environment. It is awarded only to our products that meet the highest environmental standards. Our aim is to provide clients with products that are both effective and environmentally responsible.

The use of recovered sea salt has numerous environmental benefits. The CESSI certificate guarantees that our products are made from sea salt obtained in the recovery processes, which allows us to close the salt cycle in the environment. This minimises the negative impact on freshwater resources and protects terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

We are proud of the fact that our innovation represents the first-ever use of sea salt in the global production of cleaning products. This is a breakthrough achievement that confirms our position as a pioneer in the industry. The use of sea salt as the main ingredient in our products is an innovative solution that has the potential to revolutionise the cleaning industry and promote sustainability worldwide. Thanks to our vision and determination, we are becoming a leader in creating products that are innovative, effective and environmentally friendly.

The CESSI certification is a proof of our ongoing efforts to improve manufacturing practices and promote circular economy. We strive to minimise our carbon footprint, reduce water consumption and waste generation.

At Clovin S.A., we strive to provide our clients with high quality products that are effective, safe for users and environmentally friendly. We are continuously improving our products and production processes to meet the growing expectations of our clients and to contribute to the protection of our planet.

The CESSI certification represents our commitment to our clients that our products contain only recovered sea salt, which is good for the environment. It is our step towards a more sustainable future and providing the clients with products that are not only effective but also meet their expectations in terms of environmental responsibility.

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ED Free

The “ed free” certificate applies to products that are free of endocrine disruptors (EDs), also known as hormonally active substances. Endocrine disruptors are a group of chemical compounds that can affect the body’s hormonal functions by interfering with the production, secretion, transport, action, or elimination of hormones. These substances may affect various systems and organs in human and animal bodies.
Endocrine disruptors may have negative health effects, especially in sensitive groups such as infants, children, pregnant women and people with long-term exposure to these substances. Exposure to ED may cause a number of health problems, such as hormonal disruptions, reproductive problems, developmental disorders, problems with thyroid function, increased risk of cancer and many more.

Therefore, it is important to strive to minimise exposure to endocrine disruptors by eliminating their presence in everyday products, such as cosmetics, cleaning products, foodstuffs, toys, etc. The “ed free” certification assures the clients that the product is free of these harmful substances and meets certain safety standards.

Those at greater risk of harm from endocrine disruptors include infants and young children who are in a period of intense development, and pregnant women whose endocrine systems may be particularly susceptible to disruption. However, all consumers, regardless of age group or gender, may benefit from avoiding exposure to endocrine disruptors by choosing products marked “ed free” and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The “My First Poison” campaign is directly linked to the “ed free” certification and aims to draw attention to the presence of endocrine disruptors (EDs) in everyday products.

As part of the “My First Poison” campaign, Clovin has launched a baby perfume called “My First Poison” which is scented with breast milk. The name of the perfume, “My First Poison,” is intended to shock and draw attention to the fact that harmful substances can penetrate the body of infants through breastfeeding.

The perfume is a symbolic element aimed at making the public aware of the presence of toxic substances that can disrupt the endocrine system, particularly for such vulnerable groups as infants and young children. Through the use of the name “My First Poison” and the scent of breast milk, the campaign aims to stimulate reflection on the impact of harmful substances in products on children’s health.

By awarding “ed free” certification to their products, Clovin emphasises that “My First Poison” perfume is free of endocrine disruptors. This means that the perfume has been rigorously tested and meets high safety standards for endocrine disruptors.

The “My First Poison” campaign and the “ed free” certification jointly promote awareness of the problem of toxic substances and strive to protect the children’s health by eliminating these substances from products intended for them. By combining consumer awareness and highlighting relevant certifications, such as “ed free,” the campaign aims to pressure the cosmetic and cleaning product industry to create products that are safe for the endocrine system.