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Mission and values of the company

As a modern manufacturer of cleaning products, the mission of Clovin S.A. is to create products that combine top quality, innovativeness and sustainable development. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations, from research and development to production, because of our passion to create products that are safe for people and the planet.
The form for reporting non-compliances, also known as the whistleblower’s form, enables people associated with the organisation to report any breaches of the principles of ethics, law and company policy. This tool ensures transparency, responsibility and protection for those reporting issues, and helps the organisation to identify and repair internal problems.


As a leader in the ESG area (Environmental, Social, Governance), we are obliged to act in a highly responsible manner, with consideration given to the impact of our operations on the communities and environment.


We aim at constant introduction of innovations in our products and processes, which allows us to provide top-quality cleaning products.


We believe that our strength comes from the diversity of our team. We try to create a culture that is open to and respectful of diversity and promotes equality.

Growth and development

We are obliged to create an environment which promotes personal and professional development of our employees by offering a number of training and development opportunities.

Sustainable development

Everything we do is aimed at sustainable future. We try to minimise our impact on the environment and, at the same time, provide products that are effective and safe for the users.

At Clovin S.A., we believe that, by combining those
two values, we can create a better future for our
employees, clients, community and the planet.

That is a good reason for joining us.

Dynamic team

By joining Clovin S.A. you become a part of a dynamic and innovative team which constantly aims for excellence. We are a company which values creativity, diversity of thought and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Your ideas and skills are valuable to us – we want you to have the space to use them and develop.

Major projects

While working at Clovin S.A., you can work on projects that have a real impact not only on the development of the company but also on the way in which our products and actions affect the communities where we run our activities. Your work will matter, which is extremely satisfactory.

Goal, passion, inspiration

Our organisational culture is unique: we are a company that combines a sense of purpose with the passion for results. We try to create a working environment that is supportive, motivating and inspiring. We believe that work should be a place where you feel appreciated, which inspires and gives you the possibility to affect the world.

Benefits, development

Clovin S.A. also offers competitive salary packages and benefits that are to support both your professional and private life. The employees have access to wellness programmes, flexible working hours, training sessions and development programmes that help you grow as a professional and as a person.

Industry leader

When you join us, you become a part of the company that not only aims to be a leader in its branch of industry, but also wants to have a positive impact on the world. At Clovin S.A. you can really make a difference.

Benefits and compensations for the employees

Flexible hours and remote work:

Information about the possibility to flexibly plan the working time and to work remotely.

Additional days off:

Details about holiday policy, such as number of days off, health days and voluntary work days.

Amenities at the work place:

Description of amenities available for employees, such as employee benefits.

Programmes for employees

Information about programmes for employees, such as discounts for employees, reference programmes, scholarship programmes, etc.

Attractive remuneration:

Information about the fact that the company offers attractive remuneration that is adjusted to the experience and skills of the employees.

Insurance packages:

Details about health insurance, life insurance, accident insurance offered by the company.

Pension scheme:

Information about pension schemes, such as 401k or other savings schemes that are available to the employees.

Training and development programmes:

Description of available training programmes and opportunities for professional development, such as courses, workshops, conferences, mentoring.

Clovin S.A. Policies

Clovin S.A. Recruitment Privacy Policy

Regulates the collection, processing, and protection of personal data of candidates during the recruitment process.

Whistleblower Policy at Clovin S.A.

Procedures and rules regarding the reporting and consideration of irregularities, abuses, corruption, or other violations within the company.

Information on the Clovin S.A. Recruitment Process

The selection of candidates, conducting interviews, and assessing skills and experience to find the right candidates for positions within the company.

Clovin S.A. Ethics Council Regulations

Regulates the collection, processing, and protection of personal data of candidates during the recruitment process.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Regulates the collection, processing, and protection of personal data of candidates during the recruitment process.

Workplace Health and Safety Policy

Regulates the collection, processing, and protection of personal data of candidates during the recruitment process.