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The “My First Poison” campaign recognised again

We are extremely pleased to announce that our “My First Poison” campaign was recognised and is shortlisted for Effie Poland Awards in the Social category! After the unforgettable moments of joy related to the successes at the last year’s KTR and Innovation awards, seven nominations and four shortlists at the international Cannes Lions festival, it is another reason to be proud and confirmation that it is worthwhile to execute projects that touch upon important social issues and make the world a little bit better.

The “My First Poison” campaign is not only a collection of creative actions, but primarily an initiative that points to a pressing social problem in order to mobilise for action and inspire with positive changes.
We passionately committed to this project with our hearts believing that every change, even a small one, makes a huge difference. At this point we wish to thank the whole team who contributed to the execution of this campaign, our wonderful partners and you – for your support, loyal presence and never-ending words of appreciation.

Keep your fingers crossed during the final gala 🤞 and remember that together we can achieve more, push the barriers and inspire for permanent positive changes. Thanks to Małgorzata Drozdowska and Agnieszka Klimczak for everything: without their participation it would be just a noble idea.

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