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Knights – The best TV commercial of the year!

We are extremely pleased to announce that our innovative “Knights” campaign for the PUROX brand received a prestigious award in the competition organised by Klub Twórców Reklamy (KTR, Copywriters’ Club). Thanks to the unique combination of artistic vision, technical execution and creativity, our advertising project was deemed the best TV Commercial of the year!

Success based on excellent team and cooperation

The success was built primarily by persons and companies that were passionate and committed to the creation of this masterpiece. The clip was produced by Kuba Michalczuk whose directing expertise and ability to turn creative visions into reality put the “Knights” at the pedestal of quality. The producer was Kamila Zawada representing Papaya Films which guaranteed technical and executive perfection at every stage of the works.

The persons with undeniable impact on the final shape of the campaign were Małgorzata Drozdowska and Agnieszka Klimczak-Pyrt, a creative duo from the OK Human agency. Their fresh perspective and unconventional approach to storytelling helped to bring out the full potential from the “Knights” concept by creating a campaign that not only sells but also stick to one’s memory.

Award as a proof of the right strategy and direction

The received award proves that our long-term strategy of investments in quality, innovativeness and creativity brings the expected results. The KTR award not only is prestigious, but also confirms that the place we hold on the advertising market is a result of hard work, courage in taking up challenges and constant pursuit of perfection.

We are proud of our “Knights” project and we celebrate this success filled with gratitude for the talent and hard work of all those who contributed to this exceptional production. We thank our team, partners and all those who supported the project at every step of its creation. This great distinction motivates us for further development and confirms that the path we follow leads to other, not less spectacular successes.

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